We had the moment with tears,

A moment afterwards might be glorious.

Just for a while;

That which you are going through is but a while,

For joy comes in the morning after the night’s tears.
She said to me,

‘My son once asked;

“Mum, when will I be as strong as daddy?

When will I get a little brother?

Why is daddy always coming home late?

Why am I going to a poor school?

Why not the one close by to our house?

When will I get a new school bag, or a sandal or a short?

Why is our house filled with patches?

But still, having rats running around?

Why must I have to remain at home all the time?

While other children plays in the fields?

Mum why?”

This interrogation went on for minutes,

That I became empty of words to say.

Then I answered him,

“It’s just for a while”

Being not satisfied with my reply, he asked,

“When will that while be over?

You kept on giving me the same answer over and over again!”

This word pieced my heart,

But still, he is but a kid.

He wouldn’t understand any of my shameful words.

I looked him in the eyes and said,

“You just won’t understand,

That while will be over when you become a father to us”

It was strange that he kept quiet.

That was unlike him.

I could feel remorse cold in his feelings,

Was it because he felt pity for his dad,

Or because he felt the pain in my tears?’


Inspired By: Oswald Mtshali, boy on a swing: