The weather is still chill with a peculiar sweet smell of purity. Kola gained confidence in himself as her perceived the amazing view of the fields along the lake side.


Kola: (soliloquizing)

A day to call out a history

Freely, I let out this sole heart

Today the war begin, yes is the victory

The journey to go lies on her path.

Hold my fears dear Lord,

For this is real that I feel.

An angel have I found in this world,

Let her reply propel this wheel.

I feel like kissing her lips each night,

Stay by her to fold her fears,

Nurture her all t’way to build her might,

Share her dreams and wipe her tears.

It’s been a while since Kola ask Kemi a question, who knows what might come out of this. A thousand miles away never changed that fact that Kola loves Kemi, and today the journey begins.

(Kneels before Kemi)

Please hear me out, for I love you,

Say you love me too my future.

Hold my hands and let start something new,

For with you, I have all I need in nature.

I have never felt this before,

Well this is what I have to say;

It has been ever in the days of yore,

And lo, I pledge my heart to you today.

(Brings out a ring from his pocket)

Time will tell for this I pray;

Will you marry me?

Tis but a question I hope you never sway.

Take my hands and let it be.

Like melting the ice, Kemi’s heart. All she wanted to say was yes, but her heart kept crying out magnified tears- tears of joy.

Kemi: (with tears on her eyes)

I am speechless, I am lost in thee,

You have driven me out of the blue.

I am trapped in the paradise of your love for me.

Yes, yes I will marry you!

Kola stood up and embrace her like a mother who happen to see her lost child three years after.