Janet opened the letter hoping that his words would’ve become softer. For so long, she had to endure; or so long, she couldn’t give up on him. Even now that she’d left him for only a day?

The letter Reads:


I am hurt, same as I have hurt you.

It grieves my heart so much;

That I wonder if I can ever be forgiven.

Even though I ask for your grace a million times,

My guilt alone wouldn’t forgive me.

All I have created was emptiness;

All I have reaped was my stupidity.

All I have now is the memory of that day.

I can’t let another second pass me by

For this pain is increasingly growing.

It takes strength incomparable to remember that day;

A day I bid you hi without a smile,

A day I looked into your eyes to say goodbye;

A day I held you by the arm and said, ‘it’s over.’

Those words pieces my heart daily,

Of which I knew quite alright it did to yours as well.

That blurred memory froze my freedom,

Only now do I understand.

I regret the day I let my thinking took over me.

I refuse to recollect the pain on your face,

And yet failing to refrain from my decision.

I was afraid to fight for your love,

I was ensnared by my desire and pleasure.

I let a little breeze swept all that we’ve built away,

The memory we had, the joy we shared.

I let them loosed in the blink of an eye.

I guess I am cruel, yes I am.

How could I?

The rainy days, the stormy weather?

Were they all an illusion, a trance?

I was foolish, yes I was.

I can now say that the promises I made were all lies.

Even though you never wish to my ugly face,

And never wish to forgive a beast like me,

Please do grant me just this one last request:

For I will keep the memory of that favour alive,

And graces it each crow of a new day with a smile.

‘Please as you read this piece,

Gather all the tears I invented in you,

And let them down to cool the guilt of these words’