They walked on side by side as to speak. This date is solely on the desire of adding more blocks to the commitment of their relationship. It’s been a while since they had this chance.


Once upon a time,

I was naked and waiting for a review.

Today I now inherited a prime,

A journey of me and you


Once upon a time,

I had one to create a new start.

But today I have found the thyme,

The final ingredient to the stew of my unadorned heart.


From inception you’ve remained the whole,

To completion you revolved again and again.

From day one you’ve ensnared my soul,

Free now for I have obtained that rain.


My stems were weakened and falling out,

You looked deep and gave me a hand.

Thereafter, you remained that one scout,

The one who rebuilt me beyond my dreamland.

Today is the beginning of something new,

Soon, there would be a morrow.

You’ve melted my heart with words I can’t eschew.

With you, I feel like on the top of Mt Kilimanjaro.


I am happy because you are.

I am so glad because you believed in me;

No matter the journey near or far,

All I have on you I let it be.