In the island of Benterd, words are held far above food and medicine. It was believed to have kept the island in one piece since creation by their ancestors. And only a man with astonishing words would be able to win a woman’s heart. It is a custom to share a word or two to a neighbour daily to promote unity.

Tim met this lady while jogging on the field this faithful day, who voluntarily handed him a note containing her mobile. He hasn’t been able to get this opportunity for a while now because he was weak with words. He sat down on his depressing bed as he figured out the right combination of words to send to her, for this is a grand opportunity for him to let slide away so easily. He knew that the morrow won’t count when the day becomes a waste. He toiled with his phone for several hours till the late of the witching hour. He sighed over and over again and finally sent a message. He looked at his pillow and said to it:

I am extremely frail.

Why did my keypad become ice-covered?

I hunted for words but void became a language I could understood.

Words of stimulation ran out through the window,

And the means of expressing the petite I had turned unviable.

Soon, my heart beat broke the long silence,

My eyes only focused on motionless words-

So blurred for an owl to see.

The time became an enemy,

She never did stopped ticking on and on.

I sighed over and over thinking she could help me out,

But all I could got was her annoying tick, tick, tick.

A pal I hopped on that betrayed me,

She is cruel and heartless; emotionless to the core.

The grace became a flash,

For the chance begat a dark mystery for my imagination.  

I was loaded a while ago,

How the words ran off was still a mystery yet unfold.

I was not very wise, for I know not how to hide this feelings,

I can read this all over her face; she loves me

And I love her the same at first sight.

But, what was there to say when all is blank?

I am a fella without the words,

Will she accept me for me?

O, my heart is crying out failure,

My fear was invoked by her beauty,

And the words are not coming forth to my wits.

If I had written,

What could’ve been her reply?

O, poor me, I am such a fool.

Is this how love hurts?

Why must expression be this complicating?

I cherish this grace so much to let it go;

I love her so dearly,

Even more than words can say.

I have never felt like this before,

But don’t know how to converse to her heart.

Words, o words; shame on you.

I do hope she interprets the blank mail I sent.

His words fell down low and soon kissed the pillow goodnight. The night fell and the sun rose in the morning with the brand new day. Benterd still remain the same. Tim woke up to find those words he said to his pillow on the message dashboard of his phone. It was chance to make amend, but too late for tradition to permit. He hissed and prepared for his regular early morning exercise.

Some hours later while he was chilling under a shed, Mika anxiously stopped by to join him. His heart almost tore out of his chest when she sat down so close to him.  






Your message was naked.

You spent almost eleven hours to send me a blank mail.

That’s strange, I am keen to know what went wrong,

For as we speak, it still shows here on my phone, ‘typing…’

Tim was unable to say a word, but quickly sneaked out his phone to delete the message. It was a very disappointing moment as Mika snatched his phone to read up the message. As a gentleman, he didn’t complain, but let her get through with this. After reading up, Mika smiled with tears rolling down her chick. Then she said:

Those were the most beautiful words I’ve ever read.

I am sorry for making you going this sleepless night.

I like you so much, even more now that I’ve seen you.

Say you love me and it will be printed in my heart

For I love you too, so very much.

Tim smiled with his eyes facing her lips. He wasn’t sure of what would happen next, but certainly, the ‘I love you!’ will change a lot of things. Then he said:

I love you!

Guess what happened next…