In the dead of the night…

(He looked out through his window with his eyes focused on emptiness. Mike could not believe his eyes, it’s been three days his wife traveled and  things are getting really funny. Was he in the state of intoxication? That I don’t know. For sure, there must be something attached before he could come up with a word like this for Tonia this day) 


The clouds went dark bringing no star,

The moon never showed up to bid me goodnight,

The trees felt pity and waved from afar,

The breeze wallops at my backyard with might.

My window heard my sigh and squeaked in pain,

The clock watch, ticked louder and slowly,

The frogs croaked at random, again and again,

Confused birds told a lonely bedtime story.

My frozen bed gradually melted to the ground,

The fading moment caused the ceiling to give in:

My thought became void in my heartbeats’ sound,

And my eyes blinked out tears down my chin.

So it was, all night without you.

Tis, till the cock crows in essence.

For you’ve left me out of the blue,

Please, do come back to fill this deep silence.