Make sure you’re moving

An old saying goes thus; the old man lying sick in bed, is a million times better than the fella lying in his grave.
The truth is relatively available, but, the consumption is limited to the wise alone. Believe it me, there is more to life than overabundance. Even prosperity unbeatable have its attachments.

It is time we started looking up at something special in ourselves rather than the impossibilities we have ahead. There is no one with nothing you know. Even the empty cup still has air and light in it, which of course are more important than wine.

“The golden eagle flies; the lion runs, same is the busy tiger.

The gorilla’s joy is in the jogging field, while the elephants prefer to walk in group.

Frogs, toads and the grasshoppers hop out ways to make waves in the sand of time.

Well, the wise tortoise understand my tale, so is the lazy sloth,

They must creep day in day out to survive.

Snakes and even the unstable worms still crawl.

What more can be told?

The plant that lost the wind’s grace,

End up dancing to the tune of the golden flame of fire.”

Put out the light of impossibilities, take a space and still the ground. Don’t be condemned by the self, take hold of you, and make you work for you. That’s a simple principle of life. In any condition, any of which you might find yourself; the only thing that can keep you in track is believing in your heart that there’s hope, and making sure that one more breath is possible. That’s enough to keep you going a day unto another.

“Who said that you can’t fly?

If you’d tried only but a million times and it’s not working, then run.

After all, half a loaf is better than none.

If you feel running is a no thing, jog my friend.

The kangaroo bounces off trouble to gain a remarkable joy.

Still, if you can’t jug, learn to walk.

That’s what most people do anyway.

It’s quite easy,

Raise a leg, move it forward and also the other.

Do it again and again, and you will notice you’re moving forward.

If you can’t walk, please hop, hop out a way.

If hopping is an impossible act, try the crawling.

It’s not bad anyway, babies already know that from birth.

Well, all the fingers are not equal.

If crawling is far from being possible, neither can you creep…

Please my friend, beg a friend to move you.

Who knows if this request might move you to fly!

That which actually keeps you dead, is hidden in the abyss of stagnation.

Just make sure you are moving.”