Janet woke up with smiles as her face caught up with that of Stephen’s. She couldn’t help it but continually stared at him like it was their face day together (it’s been a month or more since she was taken to thee alter). She knew quite alright that he must have been watching over her while she sleeps, but couldn’t tell of his excitement when he narrate:

“The chirping of tiny crickets,

The croaking of dedicated frogs,

The barking of night-watch dogs,

The cooing of gentle sweet doves,

The honking of water goose,

The ticking of lonely wall clock,

The swishing of the busy breeze,

The crowing of the timekeepers- cock,

The songs of the dark street,

The sighing of the sleeping child,

The rhymes from your low breath,

And other amazing night whisperers;

They all make my night wonderful.

Thank you Janet”. 

She only had one reason to cry, she was filled with joy. It took him all night to pile these words up, for she knew quite alright that Stephen wasn’t good with poetry.  Her arms went open and Stephen found his way to give him a huge hug, which of course lasted for more than an hour.