The gold and the flame,

The tribulation and celebration,

The first step and the destination,

The time and the wise,

Failure and accomplishment,

The heart and hatred,

The land of tears and joyful song.

The oil as brave as lion,

The oil as crafty as the tortoise,

The oil as patient as the snail,

The oil as sweet as a dove, 

The oil as dedicated as ants.

The oil as fresh as the sea,

The oil as wild as flames, 

The oil as cold as ice, 

The oil as active as water eels, 

The oil as strong as the sun; 

Life is a mystery;

Unfolding is the game left.

Life is a change; 

Meeting up is what’s hoped for.

The brain of a matter;

That’s the matter of the brain.

Love, o love;

The purest oil to the rusting wheel of life.