[Airport Junction, Abuja] 

I was foolish and lack the substance of time.

I was trying to recover the time I lost since 5:00 am.

I jumped out from the bus before the driver could open up the hydraulic exit fully.

I wasn’t even conscious of how I walked from the garage to the bus stop.

All that was prioritized in my wits was how to continue this journey to work.

As usual, I must board another vehicle that will get me directly to my destination as soon as possible.

A tricycle wouldn’t be the best choice for now because, the time will pass me by if I do make that decision.

I tried the only best alternatives; stopped a taxi, but it drove off leaving me standing at the pavement hanging my head; and many others to no avail. They were all heading towards a different destination from mine.

Even the tricycles were unavoidable available.

And by 8:01, I would have to pay a fine for coming late to work.


Three minutes later, while I kept shaking my legs to unveil my anxiety; a man sitting by the shed caught my attention by his early morning folklore.

“Sir, it might take you a while to get down the road from here, why not consider the park?
It’s been difficult for everyone trying to get a lift from here these days.”

His voice dripped like melting ice on my super-heated heart, and an icy calm flame erupted to send signals to my brain.

He was extremely sincere with this advice; I could feel it in his cracked voice.

He took a deep breath and asked,

“Sir, what’s it by your time?”

I quietly but briskly peeped into my wristwatch and replied him,

“It’s 7:41”. I answered.

He looked upwards and smiled a great smile.

He sniffed in the moist air and then said,

“The air is still fresh. I guess, those bus drivers are still at home having a nice moment with their families and friends.”

Not clear of what he meant, I giggled and tried stopping another taxi but failed to get in. The cab man wasn’t sure if that destination will pay off or not.

The man looked at me with dismay and said again,

“You will get a taxi, but I am sure it won’t be that easy”.

I still didn’t get why he kept talking to me despite the fact that I haven’t given him any concrete reply or rather a kick-off for a nice conversation.

I looked up at my wrist; it was extremely hot with the machine ticking very fast and furiously.

He picked up a little pebble from the floor and continued his tale,

“Today is a beautiful day, a day with a blue sky.
Today is a day with an amazing morning.
It is a day when children play on the fields with their peers.
It is a day to give their parents the grace to relax their nerves.
Today is a free day, a day so free for all and sundry.

It’s a public holiday.”

Then he asked me;

“Why must you have to be in a hurry?”

I looked at him with soberness because I never knew it was a public holiday.

And it was too early for me to be sweating, (it was 12:00 in the afternoon).

The beats of my heart was so loud that a man a mile away could hear.

All this exercises I did since morning was for nothing.

With disappointment, I answered him,

“I never knew today was a public holiday.”

He smiled and concluded,

“No men wakes up early in the morning to the stream and fetch dirty water.

By dawn, it flows gently and settles all the way.

My friend,

I have been running all my life, yet, have accomplished nothing.

I can’t run any longer, for the time has passed me by.

I was impatient, selfish and foolish, and I lost my wristwatch for the price.

Today is a beautiful day with beautiful skies,

How I wish I could see it.” 

As he picked up his stick to redesign his way in the scary path,

I realized that he was void of sight.

I learnt something from him,

I was foolish and lack the substance of time.

I was trying to recover the time I lost since 5:00 am.

That was why I failed to discover rest of mind on this peaceful day.


The  End