A free world, a free nature.

A free air, free wind, dew and the rain.

A free moon, stars and the consistent free sun.

A free view of the horizon, free mountains and valleys,

A free moment, a free natural attraction for all and sundry.

A world with free oceans, free rivers and the streams;

A free agglomerated beauties in within the ooze of the deep. 

A free desire of satisfaction of the mind.

A free world, free globe admits the universe.

A free lithosphere, a free space of hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

A free collection of specs, housing the plants and animals.

A free world indeed.


A free world broken up by boundaries and wars.

A free world separated by guilt, and greediness,

A free world with tens of thousands of arms and ammunition.

A world with soldiers, terrorist and patriots,

A world with tremor, earthquakes and artificial panics.

A world where the cost lies beyond the realm of print and mint.

A free world segregated by free fence and free VIP route.

A free world with free social and environmental laws.

A free world with free pollutants of poisoned waters, air and the nature,

A free world with free fumes and free toxic sirens.

A free world where condemned free waste are for those below average.

A free world of countless agitations of free wasted energy.

A free world with free natural water bodies, and free creatures in within.

A land so free that houses free oil spillage and free selfish laws.

A land known to be free with free degradation to free destruction.

A free land with free laws, free lies and free pain for the weak.

A free land with free persisting tales of free deception.

A land of free freedom, free domination and free domestication.

A land of free limited space for occupancy, free rent and lease.

A land with hopeless tales, and empty chants.

A land so free with timed chemistry of deceit.

My lane is built in gold, beautified with rags at the outskirts.

I built my factory and polluted the air,

I drilled a well and pollute the river of hope for the people,

I sought after prospect and moved towards the pleasing part of the city,

I go to the church and media to claim philanthropic position,

Hay you, I have free education, free feeding and free clothing;

Give me free freedom and I will make your dreams come alive.

I am but a beast, I have killed a million souls with my opportunity,

I have truncated their souls to save their mind for a while.

How can I be free?