Your Ability

Ability is the physical, mental or legal power to perform. It is the quality or state of being able; while response is an act of responding or replying to certain ABILITIES.

Four guys were seating on a bench which was unstable.

Soon a fellow, not knowing the condition of the bench joined the group.

Within seconds, the bench lost hope and left the five guys to the grace of the floor.

The four guys thereafter started harassing the fifth guy.

Blaming him that if he hadn’t been there, they would still be sitting on the bench.

But, is the fifth person at fault?

Now, this bench is near collapsed before the fifth guy came by to have a seat.

He wasn’t aware of the condition of the seat so, he assumed that the bench was in a good condition. The first guy should have balanced the bench before sitting on it.

Many a times we tend to ignore certain actions/deeds, not because we aren’t capable, but because we are mindless of others.

When we try to extend an arm of natural balance, our perception drives us to the realm of greed and jealousy.

We think of these actions as being an issue that needs delegations whereas, majority of them might not cost us even a penny but some seconds.

  • You saw a peel of banana on the slippery floor. Besides, there is an empty waste bin. You ignore it and move ahead, believing that the garbage collectors would attend to it sometimes soon.
  • You noticed the little wooden bridge along the shallow ditch has shifted, you jumped over without making correction thinking that the 75 year-old woman would turn 007 when she want to make a cross afterwards.
  • You noticed that your neighbour’s beans on fire is burning, you turned your face to another direction thinking that he is like the wolf man with an amazing sense of smell. A fire outbreak would concern you soon.
  • You noticed the gunk in your friend’s eyes and considered it as luck. You want to win the praise of everyone for being the most beautiful among your pals. You are blind to the real beauty.
  • You noticed two little children fighting at one corner of the street; you turned ahead and let them to their doom. Speaking to your guilt, “they lack home training”.
  • You slipped on a little stone on the path and fell. You got up, dusted your shirts and moved away praying that the same thing happen to another fellow. That person might slip and fall to never rise again.
  • You are the only known electrician in a neighborhood. You are passing by the street and noticed a naked line on the floor. Because you won’t be paid a ‘kobo’, you left with your tools thinking that you’d be called later when there is disaster.
  • You noticed a young child heading towards the busy road, you whistled off to the path of “not my business” saying in your mind, ‘is his mother blind?’

These and many more are abilities that require our response. 

Your Response

Your responsibility is not only your children, family or loved once. 

Your responsibility is not your job or the means of making ends meal. 

Your responsibility is not the rich kid and the wealthy father.

A valley of mistake is made deeper each time you jump over. 

When you make a bridge across, it becomes a mountain. 

Be it eminent or unremarkable, we will all leave history and tell story someday. 

So, now that you can see my friend, open your eyes to see; for a time will come when you will see your eyes.