A fellow patriot passing by a condominium by some minutes past 10 in the night saw a young lad trying to break in through an apartment. He quickly cried out, “Thief! Thief! Thief! ”

Instead of showing sign of panic and taking to his heels, the young lad abandoned the main entrance and quickly jumped in through a widely opened window.

Before a blink of an eye, mob stormed the yard forming an agglomerated congestion around the building with sticks, metal rods and all sort of disturbing materials as they await the lad to step out.

Soon, the residence that were previously sleeping briskly trooped out of their apartments screaming, “Fire! Fire! Fire! ”

Lo and behold, smoke and flames were seen at the roof of the condominium towards the other end.

Thereafter a man among the resident cried out, “Call 911!”

Moments later, the lad walked out holding hands with an aged. His pant and shirt were soaked in dark sooth, odious fumes with second and third degree burns all over.

It was then that they all realised that the lad’s action was to give the residents a call that may offer them the hope of seeing a day afterwards in one piece.

It is good to have called out for concern, it is also necessary to get your view clearly.

An act as selfless as this is that we do not come across more often. Waiting to explain his motive to the man may have caused the death of many.

The fact that we are seeing things clearly doesn’t mean that that’s just the way it is.

Some things can never be comprehended because we are looking at them from a wrong perspective.