Triangle is incomplete without its third side, likewise a family without an inquisitive lad. Friday, a well-built young lad ever inquisitive wanted a quick response from his father who happened not to be in the mood of entertaining questions. Mr Peter dropped a token the previous day for his wife to prepare ‘Egusi’ soup.


Mr Peter: Friday’s dad

Mrs Peter: Friday’s mum

Friday: a regular inquisitive son to Mr and Mrs Peter.


(In the sitting room)

Mrs Peter: (sets up the table for her husband) my husband, food is ready. (Moves back into the kitchen)

Mr Peter: Ok. Thank you. (Washes his hand in a bowl of water) Don’t forget to visit Mr Kalu today. Okey?

Mrs Peter: Yes my husband. (Exit Mrs Peter)

Mr Peter: (Opened the soup bowl and instantly swallowed a dry mass of empty saliva) Hmm!

(Soliloquizing) women…chai! When did I put down money for soup in this house? This people will not kill me. Ah! Not even a little piece of meat for the bread winner! It is unfair!

(Friday runs in with excitement)

Friday: (barges into the scene) papa! Papa!!….

Mr Peter: (cuts in with a lousy scream of pitiful anger) don’t papa me! Papa your mama. Idiot!

(Junior walks back outside sluggishly in a sober mood)


Friday only wanted some seconds from his dad to get words of encouragements like; well done, keep it up, that’s so nice of you my son, and so on. He was to report an event that happened in school. How he was rewarded on the assembly ground with exercise book for returning a misplaced teacher’s wallet.

Our mind is ensnared by anger and we tend to react using the only alternative free, the head. To every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction (Isaac Newton). Life is all about understanding; understanding is living a beautiful life.

Mr Peter didn’t realize the content of the soup from the outside. The inside may be empty to him; the outside was overflowing with love and prospect.

Mrs Peter on the other hand wasn’t ready to explain the current market condition to her husband. She failed to let her husband realize he hadn’t dropped enough for soup preparation the past week and that what he had given could only cover up for the children’s feeding alone. She believed that letting him know might kill him from the inside gradually.

Friday for sure is but a kid, he will for sure get answers to his questions elsewhere. For this act by his dad will gradually create a veil between then. As parents, we should never let the child see the anger in our faces when he or she is doing nothing wrong. This sends a wrong message to them, no matter how small.

The End