The night went quiet,

Forcing time to cease for many,

And an opening made path to a day afterwards.

But today remain, for me right beside a lady.

Her words touched this man,

That forced his to tell a history, downfall and strength.

At first sight, I couldn’t hold on

For the chemistry was explicit,

The time was the same crying out for love,

And prospect dying at the gate of desperation,

But a beauty to the core reside beside me

Saying sweet, lovely and words so calm.

Now that I had, I asked for a walk,

She was ready, for time was not a merit.


Time pass by, by and by along the naked path,

Bushes emptied with respect.

A new era raised songs of grasshoppers and insects.

She smiled and held my arms,

I couldn’t reject, for warmth I felt within,

And I kept smiling continuously as we walk.

Time reads, moment continued,

Making the moon unveil side by side,

And the stars praised the weakened blackness of the night.

Soon, a shadow cast against a rock,

An image of aging prickly cold become encamped in within my mind,

The nature became reddish to view,

Blood and dew stuck thick on the floor,

A stunted weed gradually grows to height,

And it formed a vine at one end, blooming black flowers.

Thereafter, a ghostly image glided beside swiftly,

And I felt her touch no more.

Though I was scared, the experience before made calm.

Her return troubled my heart,

And a silent blink forced tears out of my confused eyes.


“Who are you?”

I asked the blank darkened light.


“I never knew until but the now that be,

A fullness of joy have I experienced the day.

My heart is enlightened, I feel renewed

For choice has caged me in the realm of desperation.

I was trapped in my sleep years ago,

I am glad you raised me up to breathe again.

I long for the day,

It is a day I was held by a hand so tender,

And walk side by side with a friend along this path.

It is impossible to love, I have been loved.

Thank you.

Please tell my story, I have accomplished,

Now I can rest”.

So she said as she vanished.