“Is he not the son of the carpenter?

Oh, he has become a wealthy business tycoon.”

“Yes, I know her too well.

She is that lady, whose mother sells Akara at the bus stop,

Wow! She had become a medical doctor.”

“If he had waited, he would have become a good farmer like his father.

He is lazy fella.”

“If she had married Ugochukwu,

She would have become a mother of three now not one leaping on a one and half feet.”


We were united by chance, a chance that was made to be;

T’was chance born from love, a chance that was provided in the face of the grace,

If the chance was not, nothing that is would be.

We are sometimes presumed to be what they think we are.

We are known, in the realm of forgone tales of our downfall,

Known, in the miracle of an impossible escape;

Where the measured of our strength lies from where it was to where it was.

We were like the ice in the sun, a dream in a dream.

Here matter less, for where we dare in there is the goal;

That’s why we should wait NOT for the chance provided by others.

But rather, we should provide a chance that isn’t waiting for us.

Failure to create this stand will unveil a stunted growth in you no matter how tall you grow.

What you are known to be is like glue attached to one’s progress;

Leaning on them keeps you bonded to the abyss made by others to derail your train.


9japencils 2017