Once, there was famine in the animal kingdom.

There lived a very agile cat, but because of the famine, he has become very lazy.

This day, he was very hungry and sleepy. In fact, his eyes were lost inside its sockets.

While lying on the floor skinny and weak, a very big mouse came by to have fresh air for her hole has become a dungeon all the while.

Unknowingly, the rat stepped on the cat’s tail and woke him cat up.

“What a miracle!” The cat said to itself. “My meal has come to visit me on my sleeping bed.”

Without hesitating, he chased the rat as fast as he could with all the might left in him.

The race was a heavy one.

There was dust and moving flames as the pass by one corner to the other.

They were running from hills to valley, valley to hills and plains; forth and back to the top again.

The view was so amazing that other animals marvelled at the cat’s energy.

The race gradually falls to a dead end as the cat’s energy turned a deflated balloon.

He wept so hard that the tears in his tear glands got finished.


On his return from the race as he walks sluggishly,

His friend, a dog asked, “What happened?”

He added, “I could see you gaining on the rat.”

The mouse replied him,

“I was only running for my meal, the rat on the other hand was running for her life.”


Source: Princess of Ketwe (2016) -the movie