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These are but a few collections of Sayings and Quotes of the authors at 9ja pencil. They are drawn from the literary works that had been published on the blog, 9japencilsblog.wordpress.com

Key note: some of these quotes might be related to that of other literary works which might not be known by the team. Though they are coined out based on critical surveys, there might as well be some areas skipped out. If the perception of plagiarism is discovered, send a comment to 9japencils@gmail.com so as to make amends. Thank you.

9Ja Pencils Quotes

“It is impossible to quench the thirst for adventure when the action had just begun.” (Like an Action Movie) 

“Patience my friend, is like a candle stick provided for the journey through the darkest mystery of one’s life with no matchstick or lighter. The flame would come naturally when needed.” (Like an Action Movie)

“If the first act is foolish, the second can’t be wise; so, we shouldn’t be expecting a wise result.” (In the Calabash)

“When there is energy in a man, the foolish ones uses theirs in meaningless gossips.” (In the Calabash)

“Right in the calabash, there is always a lesson to learn. Most at times, they are always not as sweet as the content.” (Deduced from the tale, In the Calabash)

“A child will never know when the while will be over for the journey is not certain to them. The while will be over when they become a father or mother to their parents.” (Deduced from the poem; Just for a While)

“Her face might look so ugly and scary, she’s but the reason I still had my breath. Now I see this profound joy and happiness; only but in the smile on my mother’s face.” (My mother’s Ugly face)

“The truth is relatively available, but, the consumption is limited to the wise alone.” (One more step)

“In all, the only thing that will keep you in track is holding hope in your heart, and making sure that one more breath is possible.” (One more step)

“That which actually keeps you dead, is hidden in the abyss of stagnation.” (One more step)

“Be diligent as the second, and be careful as the minute. Be patient as the hour; be more than a day.”  (More than a day)

“It is only when the eyes are watching that most brains put on their ignition switch.” (Outside His Space)

“There are a lot of things we can do in our community to help others, majority would only cost us a few seconds or few penny. But because we are so soaked in greed, we tend to stick to our own space and forget that it is a foolish idea to buy a small space alone when there are wider spaces available together.” (Outside His Space)

“How can I be free when I am a beast? How can I be free when I have killed a million souls with my opportunity? How can I be free when I have truncated their souls to save their mind for a while?” (Deduced from the poem; The Free Freedom)

“Triangle is incomplete without its third side, likewise a family without an inquisitive lad.” (The Naked Soup)

“When our mind is ensnared by anger, we tend to react using the only alternative that is freely available (the head). The result is mostly negative.” (The Naked Soup)

“Our life is not dependent on other, we must learn to live and learn our mistakes. Dwelling in the realm of insanity is trying to please others.” (The realm of Insanity)

“A man that has been condemned by all, if not dead tonight, still has something to offer.” (Three Legged Fella)

“Judas glory can’t be restored; Peter’s destiny can’t be altered. The ears take over when the eyes are down. Nothing complements the head when it is cut off. A broken calabash can’t be mended.” (Broken Calabash)

“What’s the truth? The truth is that which isn’t false. It is sometimes not that which is believed to be true. The fact that the heart isn’t at the right doesn’t make its function wrong.” (That which is right)

“Knowing that which is right, doesn’t make others ideology wrong.” (That which is right)

“Is there ugly flowers? That’s not a question for the butterflies. The butterfly knows too well that deep in that flower lies the epitome of beauty.” (Flowers and butterflies)

“Many are times, we think we have nothing. That’s where we get it all wrong. It is not about you not having, it’s about you having not that which is better than what you already have.” (His worth 2)

“The difference between 90% and 09% is the arrangement. When you place nothing in front of you, you have nothing reigning in you.” (His worth 1)

“Some things are insatiable, that’s why they are hidden.” (Satisfaction, Oh Man)

“When the stomach is lacking, the mind loses direction.” (Hunger call)

“The big hand made of gold is not important. The small hand made of stone is very useful. A hand of gold is rare.” (Hand of stone)

“The time can’t create route for the lost, neither does it pity a fool at forty.” (The time of the time)

“Fear makes you forget that there is a next step to take forward; instead, it makes you notice the previous steps.” (What’s Fear?)

“Our fears are like serpents. When they sting the heart, their venom change the course of our fate.” (What’s Fear?)

“The difference between letter ‘P’ and ‘R’ is what is in between, letter ‘Q’. Quality and quantity differentiate the poor and from the rich. That’s not the issue. Same as in alphabetical order, to the poor, ‘P’ comes first; whereas to the rich, ‘R’ comes after ‘Q’.” (P and Q)

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