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About 9Ja Pencils

9Ja Pencils is a world where series of African folklores, jokes, riddles and proverbs, quotes, and a whole lot of inspirational articles are shared. It is a forum hosting mega entertainment, education, information and a 360 degrees enlightenment for the mind.

Our Blog 

The under listed are the categories of articles and write-ups posted on 9Ja Pencils’ blog for our esteemed visitors.

♣ Blog Articles 

African Folklore:

A collection of African tales of various superstitious beliefs, culture, ethics and a whole lot more. It is meant to improve the ethics of individuals and bring sanity among Africans and non-Africans as well.

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A collection of poems from all fields of life: love, history, nature, beliefs, traditions and a whole lot as pertaining to the way of life of the people of Africa.

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Your neighbour:

This is a collection of happenings, stories and events of real life experience within ones neighbourhood so as to improve the way of life of a group, mostly Africans.

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Lovebirds is a section for couples. It is a world where love quotes, stories, articles, and the rest are shared to enhance relationships. It is meant to bring succour to those distressed in love as well as add to the beauty of those relationships planted on solid rock.

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Jokers Arena:

Jokers Arena is a collection of jokes of all kinds. It ranges from natural to historical and political jokes.

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Natural Whispers:

Natural whispers is a collection of articles, poems, write-ups generally that has to do with nature as it inspires one to grow. It is meant to bring to our mind those little knowledge that we tend to ignore in nature.

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Urban Life:

Urban Life is a collection of tales or happenings in an ideal urban settings. It is meant to discourage crime, and other social vices within the local environment.

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♣ Experience and message 

| Elders Mouth:

The elders’ mouth is a collection of African proverbs and saying. It is meant to improve the usage of words for communication as well as inspire the readers to the usage of the right words at the right time.

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♣ Events and Discoveries ♣ 

| Insight Africa:

Insight Africa is a collection African history, events, lifestyle, literature, music, art and culture, and a whole lot as pertaining to the strength of Africa in general.


The Under listed are briefs on some of the services rendered by 9Ja Pencils’ teams. It includes both free and paid services.

Love Message

9Ja Pencils Team-A is a free gig platform for love messages; where customized free gigs are readily available for everyone who had in one point in time contributed to the dissemination of the core value of the blog.


Get free E-books on articles, tales, collections of proverbs and other inspirational articles posted to the blog.

Play Script

Here, the 9Ja Pencils’ team-B is ever ready to write you an exclusive script for your project. It would be delivered to include characters, effects, themes and actions at an affordable price based on the length and complexity.

Song lyrics

Wanting a lyrics for your sound effect? Or are you looking for the right word to combine to form a completely designed lyrics? You can order for an amazing song lyrics of any genre using the draft you already have or from a raw idea on your mind.

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