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Kiddies Pencils is a subset of 9Ja Pencils, a world where African folklore, riddles and jokes, proverbs, quotes, and a whole lot of inspirational articles are shared. It is a forum for young reader and learners that hosts mega entertainment, education, information and a 360 degrees enlightenment for the mind.

At kiddies pencils, the following category of write-ups are discussed for you and your kids development:

Kiddies Folklore:

A collection of Kiddies tales on various angles of life, ranging from superstitious beliefs to culture, ethics and a whole lot more.

Elders Mouth:

The elders’ mouth is a collection of Proverbs and Saying.


A collection of poems from all fields of life: friendship, history, nature, beliefs, traditions and a whole lot as pertaining to the way of life of the people.

School Jokes:

School Jokes is a collection of school jokes for teachers and students or pupils of all level below college.

Natural Whispers:

Natural whispers is a collection of articles, poems, write-ups generally for kids that has to do with nature as it inspires one to grow.

Kiddies Chalkboard:

This is a collection Educational articles of history, events, lifestyle, literature, music, art and culture, and a whole lot as pertaining to basic and general learning.

Kiddies Days Out:

The Kiddies Days Out is a collection of urban outreach for children by the Team-A. It is a collection meant to display the activities carried out from time to time as regards reaching out to the young ones.

Kiddies Profiles:

Kiddies Profiles is a weekly collection of kiddies’ profiles that have won “The Medallion” (A weekly quiz or a particular task or tasks).

Visit K’ Pencils for a delightful sensation of your mind by the younger generation…


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